Black Victimhood Ends Here.

A New Generation of African American Patriots

The Douglass Society is a new hub for black conservative content online, an educational resource to teach young African-Americans things that they will NEVER learn in the liberal dominated public school system, and a way to grow the pipeline of conservative African-Americans into more prominent roles in politics and media.

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Rob Smith

A decorated Iraq War Veteran, Rob Smith served for five years in the United States Army, including two tours in the Middle East. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal and the Combat Infantry Badge. He ‘came out’ as a conservative via a profile in the Daily Mail in the summer of 2018 in response to the ‘outrage culture’ of the left and to let the world know that the Left does not own African-Americans.

While speaking at a conservative conference, Rob had an epiphany. There aren’t enough Black conservatives represented in the movement not because the donors and board members are opposed to it, but because there’s no pipeline for young Black conservatives to get involved. That is why he created The Douglass Society.

Named for Iconic African-American hero and staunch conservative Frederick Douglass - The Douglass Society is THE hub for Black conservative thought online. The Douglass Society is the online home of Black conservative thought, an antidote to the Leftist propaganda sold to African-Americans via other media outlets as well as Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

A social media superstar with over 850,000 followers across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Rob is a regular political commentator on cable news and digital outlets, having appeared on Fox News, One America News Network, Newsmax, NBC News, and CNN among many others. An in-demand public speaker, Rob has spoken about politics and current events at Yale University, Google, Deutsche Bank, Vanderbilt University, and dozens of other colleges, universities, companies, and political events across America. He holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University.