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BLM Memphis Founder Sentenced To Prison For Voting Illegally

Is anyone surprised the founder of BLM Memphis already had an extensive rap sheet?

At a Glance

The founder of BLM Memphis has been sentenced to six years in prison after a criminal court judge claims she “tricked” probation officers into giving her documents that said her probation was over.

According to The Daily Mail, BLM founder Pamela Moses voted illegally multiple times after pleading guilty to multiple charges in 2015, including perjury, theft, and evidence tampering:

Moses argued that when she pleaded guilty in 2015, no one told her she didn't have the right to vote. 
The University of Tennessee graduate, who received a degree in political science from the school, found out she was still on probation in 2019 and after trying to run for mayor. After a judge confirmed it, she visited a probations officer to make sure her probation was correct. The officer then provided the activist with a certification of completion, which she turned in to receive her right to vote. 

However, Judge Mark Ward claims Moses “tricked” the probation department, saying:

'You tricked the probation department into giving you documents saying you were off probation. After you were convicted of a felony in 2015, you voted six times as a convicted felon.' 

This incident brings to light questions that activists on both sides of the aisle have had in terms of the right to vote after one has been convicted and served their debt to society.

However, we at The Douglass Society find it hard to believe that a BLM activist who mounted a failed Mayoral campaign was not aware that voting rights aren’t extended to those still on probation after being convicted of multiple felonies. 

Moses is expected to appeal, and is being represented by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.