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‘Defund’ Mayor Lori Lightfoot Uses Taxpayer Dollars for Secret Personal Officer Force!

Defund the police for thee, but not for me!

At a Glance

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a proponent of the Defund the Police Movement, has a secret unit of about 70 police officers to protect her in addition to her 20-officer bodyguard detail! Lori Lightfoot proposed a bizarre $80 million cut from the Chicago Police Department and soured her relationship with the department to the point that 660 police officers retired in 2021.

That did not stop her from committing the greatest act of public service yet—using Chicago’s taxpayer dollars to fund her personal needs. The unit was assembled nearly two years ago and has grown “to a roster of 65 officers, five sergeants, and a lieutenant, city records show,” according to the Chicago Sun Times. In a memo obtained by the Times, officers in Unit 544 must “respond to all threats related to the mayor’s physical properties to ensure its protection.” We know now why less than half of all murders get solved in Chicago. They’re too busy protecting Queen Lori Lightfoot’s palace!

Lori Lightfoot is more than comfortable depriving her city of an adequate police force. After slashing about $60 million from the Chicago Police Department and imposing a vaccine mandate on city employees, a whopping 660 cops retired in 2021. Chicagoans are suffering because of the mayor’s incompetence. 

In Chicago, murders have been up 74 percent since 2019— this year, Chicago has seen 113 murders to date, 48 more murders than before the pandemic. 2020 and 2021 saw 91 and 116 murders, respectively. In light of this crime wave, Lightfoot called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to send Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agents to the city. It looks like she’s intent on squandering federal taxpayer dollars as well. 

Lightfoot defended herself by saying that she was seeking a more unified unit before the protests in 2020. “We thought, and this is way before the protests or anything else, it just didn’t make sense. Because, you know, if there was some kind of emergency at City Hall, for example, the right hand wouldn’t necessarily know what the left hand was doing because they all reported to different chains of command,” the mayor said. 

Lightfoot has the right to defend her person and property. But if she’s going to exercise her rights as an American citizen, she must not deny it to millions of others who live in Chicago. The ruling class believes they can enjoy the fruits of freedom and rights and starve the rest of us. Chicagoans should consider that when they vote for a mayor early next year.