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Democrats Enter Freakout Mode Over Black Voter Turnout

Democrats are worrying that apathetic Black voters will not show up for them in the upcoming midterms!

At a Glance

With less than two weeks remaining until the November 8th midterms, Democrats are freaking out about the possibility that apathetic Black voters won't show up!

A Politico article documented the frustrations Democratic strategists and other activists are having with Black voters' lack of engagement in the politics of the moment:

Black voters form the backbone of the Democratic electorate, voting for Democrats at higher rates than any other racial group. But interviews with more than a dozen elected officials, strategists and activists in key swing states, most of them Black, suggest Democrats are increasingly concerned that Black turnout could sag this November — and with it, Democrats’ electoral chances.

If Black turnout were to fall this year, it would seriously complicate — if not eviscerate — Democrats’ path to victory in hotly contested gubernatorial and Senate races across the country, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin. In a poll by POLITICO-Morning Consult released last week, just 25 percent of Black registered voters described themselves as “extremely enthusiastic” about voting in this election, compared to about 37 percent of white voters and 35 percent of Hispanic voters.

Furthermore, some strategists Politico spoke with bemoaned the Democrats' seeming obsession with abortion:

Some Black Democrats are anxious that the party is relying too much on anger over the Supreme Court ending abortion rights to bring base voters to the polls. When Democrats “drive only on abortion for a number of months, that sounds tone-deaf to Black men who have other issues on the table,” said Cyrus Garrett, who served as the African American political director for the Democratic National Committee.