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Obamas May Be Leaving Spotify Amid Rogan "Racism" Controversy

The Swedish streaming giant's woes continue to mount.

At a Glance

It looks like the Cancel Culture brigade against Joe Rogan may have some new leaders: THE OBAMAS!

According to reports, Barack and Michelle Obama may be leaving Spotify after it’s current deal with their “Higher Ground” production company expires.

From The Daily Mail:

The Obamas are said to be shopping for a new podcasting partner because they're frustrated with the slow pace of development at Spotify, where they're more interested in introducing new voices than on hosting shows themselves.
Former President Barack Obama, 60, and former First Lady Michelle, 58, are looking at new deals with other companies, three podcast industry sources told Insider.
The duo's Higher Ground Audio company signed a three-year deal with Spotify in June 2019, but sources say it can be hard to get a show green-lit at the Swedish music streamer.

Further sources with Insider say Spotify wants to focus on broader, popular content and that focus doesn’t align with the undoubtedly far-Left voices and pitches coming to them from Higher Ground.

The Obamas haven’t yet gone on record against Joe Rogan for the manufactured ‘racism’ controversy being used in an attempt to kick him off of Spotify.

As for Rogan, he’s currently weighing a $100M deal from Rumble to get him to take his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast to its platform.