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Radical Sex Ed Advocates: Parent Activists ‘Organized, White Supremacist Groups’

When we say ‘they’re coming for your kids,’ we mean THEY’RE COMING FOR YOUR KIDS!

At a Glance

In a March webinar titled “The P Word: Porn Literacy and Sex Education”, self-described “sex educator” Cory Silverberg said “parents who are responsible for “attacks on teachers and librarians” and advocate for “book banning” are not “regular, everyday people” on the panel” according to The Daily Caller.  Silverberg also expressed that he doubted many of those who are complaining are in fact parents. “Actually, a lot of it is organized white supremacist groups,” quipped Silverberg.

The actual reality that many parents turned activists who care about their children’s education are concerned with good reason didn’t seem to matter to Silverberg! Of course, where there are advocates for radical sex education in public schools, CRT is right around the corner. 

The Daily Caller also reported that Silverberg said those advocating for the removal of “sex books” also advocate against books related to racism and white supremacy, signaling the need for more social justice organizations to get involved.  

What will it take for the Left to recognize that teaching children to judge on race is evil and that teaching sex ed to kids is highly inappropriate? Silverberg and the thousands like him need to realize that they’re crossing a line when you mess with mothers and their children.  

Silverberg may want to rethink getting more “social justice organizations” involved to push this agenda - because more ‘organized White Supremacist groups’ they fear (also known as parents) are likely to get even MORE involved - and start taking over School Boards!