Black Victimhood Ends Here.

Report: School Where Kentanji Jackson Sits on Board Pushes LGBTQ, Crt Agenda

KBJ may not know how to define “woman,” but the school she sits on the board of DEFINITELY knows how to define Critical Race Theory!

At a Glance

According to an explosive report from Breitbart, the private pre-K-12 Georgetown Day School has gone ALL-IN on the CRT and LGBTQ agenda!

From Breitbart News:

Georgetown Day School brags about its far-left curriculum in its 2021-22 high school profile “curricular highlights,” showcasing a course, for instance, about “Exploring Reproductive Justice,” and a 9th Grade Seminar “flagship social justice course that serves as a launching point for a GDS High School Education.”
The school hosted a speech in September, 2020, by Dr. Dena Simmons, called “Self-Care, Healing, and Equity-Responsive Practices,” which discussed “opening the door for our continued anti-racist work.”
A GDS teacher also led a talk at a conference in 2018 called, “Sticks and Stones: Exploring the ’N-Word’ in our School Communities.”

But as we all know, wherever there is CRT and this kind of cultural Marxism, the far-Left LGBTQ agenda follows. Yet ANOTHER Breitbart expose found that children in 4th grade were encouraged to become “activists” for the CRT and LGBTQ agenda:

Fourth-graders were told to give presentations celebrating “LGBTQ+ voices.” Fourth-grade teacher Julia Tomasko explained the assembly, saying, “In these scenes, the students learn about pride, activism, and what it means to be an ally.”
“In order to center and uplift LGBTQ+ voices, the scenes are inspired by lessons we taught, as well as the experience and knowledge of students and staff in the community,” she said.
After explaining what the acronym “LGBTQ+” means, one fourth-grader said, “there are many, many more identities in the LGBTQ+ community that we haven’t learned enough about yet. They are important and we will learn more.”

When outlets do REAL reporting on the Left’s new favored Supreme Court nominee, it becomes more and more clear that Kentanji Brown Jackson is connected to the kind of far-Left radicalism that is becoming a trademark of the modern Democratic party!